Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES)

Imagine you meet a hot chick and bring her home for Netflix and chill, then once you guys start making out how embarrassing is it to not be able to go hard so you can have sex.  Or how about if you start having sex you go soft during fun?  The chick will think you are not into her.  The reality is most men will experience this at some point and steroid use doesn’t help the issue, especially when you come off cycle.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES)

Introducing one of the strongest and most modern natural testosterone boosters on the market today named Hgenerate ES (N2Generate ES).   Consider it a blend of 17 different amazing supplements all in the same bottle, and it is as close as you can get to actually using exogenous hormones while still staying safe and natural.


Over a decade ago a supplement developer came up with the idea to combine a various amount of ingredients together to give the user the absolute best sexual and muscle boosting effects possible.  He called this product Hcgenerate and it is now called N2generate Classic.  Those of us who used it noticed we would get even better libido before sex or a bounce to our gym session by doubling up the dosage from 5 capsules to 10 capsules.

Extra Strength (ES)

The developers decided to come up with an extra strength (ES) version of that potent product, and they named it Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES).  This newer version is more expensive, but it also contains more of those awesome ingredients plus additional ingredients not found in classic.

N2Generate Or HCGenerate?

Today the name is called N2generate ES because credit card processors didn’t like the ‘hcg’ in the name and also because they wanted to modernize the name to celebrate all of the N2bm products.  The original ‘Needto‘ always referred to the slogan of someone who ‘needed’ to get results, not just ‘wanted’ results.

How is Hcgenerate ES different than similar products?

Those of you who have used Hcgenerate/N2generate classic can imagine what would happen if you took a higher dosage PLUS went and bought more ingredients on top of that.  Or maybe you haven’t used the classic version, but have probably purchased some crappy testosterone booster from GNC or online with little to show for it.

Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) blows both away because it has ingredients that do things like reduce prolactin levels, increase fertility, make you incredibly horny, and prevent erectile dysfunction.  It is a must use on cycle, post cycle or by itself.

Ingredients and dosages

Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) reviewEach bottle of Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) has 150 capsules which equate to 30 servings.  So if you take 5 capsules a day it will last you a month.  To give you an idea of all it is capable of I will not show you what it contains and the amount, as well as what each ingredient uniquely does.  Remember, these ingredients were put together for a reason, to give the perfect synergy to blow away any product of its kind out there.

Fadogia Agrestis 1200mg:

Who needs dangerous erectile dysfunction drugs that can make you sick and give you headaches and heart problems?  This ingredient is a far safer option, and it has been used for hundreds of years around the world to cure penis problems.  You will notice great sexual libido, hardness, and ejaculation.

Fenugreek PE 1200mg:

On the surface we know it can boost testosterone levels naturally.  But people don’t know it also helps you while on cycle with your heart health, insulin resistance, blood glucose, and helps negate steroidal inflammation.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 600mg:

When we use steroids our sperm become damaged, studies have shown this ingredient will increase sperm motility.  It also helps with sexual performance including desire and penis hardness.

3,4 divanillyltetrahydrofuran 600mg:

Whether you are on cycle, off cycle, or in post cycle your free testosterone is what helps you build muscle and strength.  This ingredient binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) to increase your free testosterone ratio.

Mucuna Pruriens  75mg:

When you ejaculate from sex or masturbation you immediately lose interest in sex, and your partner too.  That is why men sometimes don’t call the girl back after sex.  Mother nature gave us this trait as men to prevent overpopulation, and the science behind it is a spike in prolactin levels.  This ingredient will actually shorten that period of time you don’t want more sex because it lowers prolactin levels.

Mucuna was shown to influence dopamine content in the cortex of the brain, and amazingly, it has been shown to help with the condition called hyperprolactinemia, which is where prolactin levels are too high.

Indole-3-carbinol 200mg:

Mommy always said to eat your vegetables, but we don’t do it enough.  This ingredient reinforces the cleansing and balancing we need on and off cycle.

Iron Nano Beads 10mg:

This ingredient will feed the muscles by providing polypeptides as nutrition.  It also helps with heart and brain health while abusing steroids.

Magnesium Malate 28mg:

Yet another essential mineral we need for healthy organs, bones, and energy.

Resveratrol 150mg:

One of the strongest antioxidants out there and great for the heart.

Vitamin B-12  2mg:

An essential vitamin that many people are deficient in.  You need this to be at quality levels or you will have trouble in the bedroom and with building muscle/strength.

Basella Alba 200mg:

This is yet another ingredient that will help your sperm become healthier after cycle, plus it will keep your sexual desire strong year round.

Ginseng 125mg:

I love this ingredient because it will strengthen your reproductive system and ‘little soldiers’ below.  It also will help boost your sexual performance overall so you don’t go soft during sex.

Epimedium Extract 300mg:

Also called horny goat weed, the secret to this ingredient is icarrin which is a flavonol.  This is an amazing supplement which helps send blood to the penis and create a hard-on.

…its common name is well known as ‘horny goat weed’ by many Western cultures. Scientifically, studies have shown that Epimedium may restore low levels of both testosterone and thyroid hormone, bringing low levels back to their normal levels

Vitamin E 200mg:

Yet another ingredient that will help send blood to your penis to get it hard and keep it hard.

LJ:100 40/50  125mg:

Great for binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which means your free testosterone ratio will rise.  It also will increase libido in between sexual encounters, so you are horny, more often.

Zinc 7mg:

Zinc is an essential mineral that we need for strong hormones in the body.

Piperin 2mg:

Added to help absorb all these amazing ingredients, but it also can help with dopamine levels and feeling good.

How to use Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) and dosage

During cycle and post cycle it is smart to use Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) to help keep your sexual performance going, balance hormones, and help with detoxing and organ health.  One of the best things it can do is offset the negative side effects of steroids and post cycle drugs like Clomid and Nolvadex.  Use 5 capsules per day.

Standalone you can take 5 capsules 1-2 hours before sex or gym time.  It will boost your overall performance in both activities.

Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) for sale

Where to buy N2Generate ES

Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES) is sold at n2bm.com and amazon.com.


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